Our Services.

Dry Cleaning 

We use a perc dry cleaning solvent that cleans garments in a specialized cleaning machine. Dry cleaning solvent kills any living bacteria, removes oil stains and smells and is less strenuous on garments. The process uses very little moisture thus reducing the chance of shrinkage.

The main laundry we do is dress shirts. Shirts are done damp on standardized presses allowing for a crisp finish. We use starch in our shirts and are able to starch other garments upon request.

Wedding Gown Restoration
We specialize in preserving wedding gowns. We start by cleaning the gown and getting it back to its original condition. The gowns are carefully folding and wrapped in acid free tissue and then we package the dress in a museum quality archival box. This box is the right environment to preserve antique garments in, it’s formulated with the right PH level to prevent degradation. We use the packaging system and box that the Smithsonian Museum used to store George Washington’s military uniform.

Wet Clean Process
We use a wet clean process to care for many formal dresses that have care labels that say dry clean only or spot clean only. Lots of stains and marks that are on formals need a water based process to be removed. Small stains can be removed but extensive staining requires immersion in water. Our equipment allows us to remove most of the risk involved with home washing. Dry cleaning can be hard on fancy dresses; specifically beads and painted on designs. These pose little risk when processed in water, but can melt or come come off the dress when exposed to the solvent.

We specialize in alterations done on clothing. We perform all types of alterations to jackets, coats and pants. Including repairing and replacing zippers, repairing garments, replacing elastic and all types of special requests. Some examples of special requests that we do often are installing heavy duty zippers, fixing torn garments, and reinforcing different garments. If your bringing a garment in that you need fitted please call and schedule an appointment. If not bring your items in pinned or with the measurements or be as specific as possible with the clerk. We offer a very fast turnaround on your garments!

Household Items
We clean all types of blankets, quilts and bedspreads, drapes and curtains, sleeping bags, pillows, rugs, and feather beds. While the staining associated with bedding responds better to water based clean, we do offer both laundry and dry cleaning for these item